The Calling

What is this feeling inside?
A throb, but gentle
A quiver, but powerful.
It is like a calling
Of the church bells signaling danger
Or the first Azan of Fajr.
The only difference,
It dwells within.

It shakes me up, it wakes me up
It reverberates in every cell.
Sensations start at the fingertips
Spreading up to every pore on my skin.
It leaves me numb
It leaves me queer
It leaves me in another sphere.
Layer by layer, I tear
Deeper and deeper, I steer
Expanding in all directions
I don’t comprehend its intentions.

And then a voice emerges and says,
It’s the calling of the Divine
And it is right on time.
It is calling for you
Wake up oh fool!
It is there cause you need it
Feel it, follow it, feed it!
Don’t ever let it shut down
Keep it close, wear it like a gown.
Let it guide you, let it show you
The door to the ultimate You.